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Doing Knot Magick

Knot magick (also called cord magick) is a form of spellwork that is less well-known than some others, but is no less powerful.

The only material you need to perform a knot spell is a cord of some kind. Anything will do, but make sure it is long enough to hold all your knots and the material of the cord should be natural. Craft shops are great sources for lengths of cord made from silk, cotton, hemp, leather, wool or even ribbon. Choose a colour to match the intention of the spell.

You can use your cord as-is, but to add more of your personal energy to the spell, you can also braid it before working the knots. Obviously, the material needs to be fairly thin or the resulting cord will be too thick to hold the knots. You can combine colours too, to more finely tune the colour energy to your needs. Make sure you have a sufficient length of material, as it will shorten up considerably when braided. Focus on your purpose as you braid your cord.

Once you have your cord ready, it’s time to make the spell. Any purpose can be used with cord magick, but spells that involve binding are more appropriate. I don’t mean binding of another person necessarily, but any kind of ‘tying up’ or ‘holding fast’. Some examples might be: spells to eliminate bad habits, to help keep emotions in check, to bind up an illness, or to secure a new job.

A typical or traditional knot spell has nine knots, and the words spoken are shown below. You concentrate and focus your energy on your purpose, and repeat each line as you tie each knot. But you could also choose a number of knots to match your purpose (numerologically speaking), and you can recite your own words as well.

Your magick will continue to work as long as the knots are tied. Once your goal has manifested itself, you should dispose of the cord without untying the knots. Burning or burying it are two options, so long as your cord is made from natural materials. You could also just keep the knotted cord tucked safely away.

Traditional Nine Knot Spell

By knot of one, the spell’s begun

By knot of two, I make it true

By knot of three, so mote it be

By knot of four, the open door

By knot of five, the spell’s alive

By the spell of six, the spell is fixed

By the spell of seven, the earth and heaven

By the spell of eight, the stroke of fate

By the spell of nine, the thing is mine

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Some Spoken Word Spells

This is a love spell using only words and your own sincere intentions. Face to the west (the direction associated with love and emotions) and raise your hands to the air. Repeat the following, out loud if possible.

I call on Aphrodite, on Isis, on Freya
Hear the sound of my own heart
Hear my call.

I ask to be blessed with love,
That my heart’s partner be found
I ask to be blessed with love,
As my magick spirals round.

Thank you great Goddesses,
I welcome your assistance
In my search for love.

After speaking the spell, concentrate on the outcome you are hoping for, and give your energy to your purpose.


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Pagan Protection Charm

This is a little protection charm bag you can use to keep your home safe from negative or evil influences.

  • Small black bag
  • A black feather
  • A small stone
  • A hammer
  • A torn strip of black paper

You’ll need a natural stone, around the size of a quarter. Use the hammer to break the stone into at least 2 pieces. Gather up all the bits and put them in the bag, along with the feather. If the feather is too long, use scissors to cut it. Just make sure you use all the pieces. Roll up the strip of torn paper, and stick that in the bag as well.

Tie the bag closed, and bury it out by the back door of your home. If you live in an apartment, stash is someplace hidden near your balcony door or anywhere opposite from your main entrance. This little Pagan spell can keep your home safe as long as its in place.


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Your Magickal Name

I wrote this article many years ago, and thought it might help anyone out there trying to pin down their own spiritual identity.

I recently decided to find my magickal name. It’s common for pagans to take a second name, especially those who work in a coven or any kind of magickal group. I am just a solitary, but since I own a shop and have a bit of an Internet presence, I felt a need to identify myself.

My first exploration into having an ‘alternate identity’ began a long time ago. I was into the BBS scene and liked to chat (Bulletin Board Systems were sort of a pre-internet). My very first online name was Nightmare. No particular reason why, but it stuck and it felt comfortable. I would probably still be using the name today if it weren’t for a small incident a few years ago. I switched ISPs and I had to pick a new login name. But it had to be 8 characters or less. That eliminated Nightmare.

I was desperate for a new name so I could start my new ISP account, so I chose the name of one of my cats. Charlie didn’t seem quite right, so I went with Spook. I have been known as Spook now for many years, but it always felt temporary. It was an Internet name, but not a name that reflected who I was in a spiritual sense.

A few months ago, I decided it was time for a new name. I had always hoped the right name would somehow miraculously manifest itself. Nothing happened, so I had to start looking.

A favoured way to find your name is by meditation. Allowing your inner consciousness to bring a name to you. This method wouldn’t work for me because my hectic lifestyle doesn’t allow for much meditation time. Another way of finding your name is choosing elements that represent the kind of person you are, or perhaps the person you’d like to be. This allows for your creativity to take charge.

I didn’t want a ‘typical’ name with Silver or Moon in it. Everything I thought of seemed cliched or over-done. In desperation, I tried several variations of Spook. My favorite was Spookabella, Hag of the Under-realms. Certainly unique, but it still didn’t suit me. Perhaps when I’ve entered my crone-time (I’m still not that old yet). I also tried Spelf, being short of Spook-Elf. Nope.

I borrowed a great book (“Complete Book of Magical Names” by Phoenix McFarland) and hoped it would have some answers. Besides discussing all the reasons for taking a name, and different methods for finding one, there are all sorts of great lists to choose from. Lists of various deity names from different cultures, names from mythology and literature. Along with meanings, it gave me much to think about.

After some reading, I began to despair that nothing would suit me. And then, kablam. One name spoke to me.

“Pythia - Serpent goddess, feminine mystery”

I mulled over the name for a while, then searched the Internet to see what else I could find. I was pleasantly surprised to find more on Pythia. She was the priestess and prophetess at the Oracle of Delphi. That sealed the deal for me. (It’s pronounced pie-THEE-a).

When choosing your name, don’t allow yourself to be limited by convention. Trees, stones, animals, colours, planets and even herbs all offer ideas that you can use. There is no right or wrong name, nor any right or wrong way to find it.

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Casting a Circle

Thought I’d do a little magickal instruction rather than just keep posting loads of spells. Do you cast a circle when you spellcraft?

The purpose for casting a circle is to create a magickal space that is sacred and protected for your spells and rituals. Not all traditions cast a circle, and I would consider it an option for spellcasting rather than a requirement. Though the specifics can vary from coven to coven, this is the general approach for casting a circle.

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A new simple love spell

Fair Feather’s Touch

The light element of air is found in a feather, and it can bring new love with a simple spell.

  • A real feather (small is fine, just not synthetic)
  • A dry sprig of rosemary
  • Pink ribbon

Use the ribbon to tie the rosemary to the shaft of the feather, and then hang the charm on your bedroom door handle (on the inside of the room side). Touch it when you go in and out of the room, and a new love will soon be yours.


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Get a Promotion Charm

For anyone needing to boost their employment this summer.

I Want a Promotion Charm

This is a spell to get a promotion, better working conditions, a raise or any other kind of improvement at your job.

  • Small purple bag
  • A key
  • 2 tonka beans
  • 2 glass marbles
  • Green wax from a used candle

Gather all your items together and fill up the bag. Tie it tightly, and keep it somewhere safe at your job. If you don’t have a locker or desk, carry it with you instead but it works better if the charm bag is kept at work.


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A Love Spell for Two




Purpose: Half-spell, half-dedication ceremony to help strengthen a couple’s bond and hold it together through the bumps in the road.

You Will Need: I can’t find the exact recipe we used, but the recipe closest to the one we used (which I’ll use for this post) is here. 4…

Plaited bread is very important in my culture. Totally doing this sooooon

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Sea Beauty Spell


A simple sea spell for beauty. Be it outer, inner or both.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 clam shell
  • Sea water


  • Take your abalone shell to the sea and step into the water.
  • Lower your shell and fill it with sea water.
  • Look into your reflection in the water…