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Charm Bags - to Reverse Bad Luck


A Charm Bag For Breaking A Run Of Bad Luck

  • Either make or buy a green drawstring pouch about 2 inches deep
  • Add in two pinches of the following:- Angelica Root | African Ginger | Fennel Seeds | Holy Thistle | Clove | Basil
  • Then add in a small piece of Citrine
  • During a full moon consecrate and charge the bag
  • Make sure it is tied tightly and carry it with you at all times
  • Replace every month.

(via goddess29)

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Talisman spell for Employment


Spell of the Day

Talisman spell for employment.

You will need a key.
This is an important talisman as it symbolizes

a door to be unlocked or locked. Take a small metal key of
traditional key shape and place it on your spell table or altar.

Write the name of the person to receive the…

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Gender Empathy Spell

If you’re just looking into switching genders as a way of seeing how “the other half” thinks and feels, this is the spell you should try. It brings out the qualities of the other gender inside of yourself. This spell is the same regardless of your actual gender or orientation.

  • 1 pink candle
  • 1 light blue candle
  • Length of pink ribbon
  • Length of blue ribbon
  • Knife
  • Chalice
  • Pure water

Wrap the blue ribbon around the pink candle, and then the pink ribbon around the blue candle. Set them up on either side of your altar. Light each one.

Focus your thoughts on the other gender and why you want to experience their viewpoint. Set the chalice filled with water in between the candles. This represents the female element. Gently heat the tip of the knife in the flame of both candles.

Hold the knife between both hands and dip the end of the blade into the water. This is the male. Keep holding the blade in the chalice and repeat the following:

Yang and yin
Which side is in?
Lady or man,
I know that I can.

Groom and bride,
See the other side.
Warlock and witch
Make me switch.

Wave the knife blade through each candle again and set it back down. Drink the water from the chalice. Let the candles both burn out on their own.

You should start to have shifted perceptions within 3 days. The spell will only last a few days once the effects get going. Use that time to really try to understand another gender’s point of view.


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Soulmate Dreaming Spell

This will bring dreams specifically of your soulmate. Just remember that dreams can be symbolic and may not show you a clear snapshot of his or her face. Be prepared to have to interpret your dreams.

  • A piece of pink paper
  • Cinnamon oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Patchouli oil

Write your name on the piece of paper. Add a drop of each oil and the lemon juice on the paper and let it sit and dry completely. Then fold it in half 4 times. If you don’t have the oils, you can use the dry herbs instead. Just rub the dry herbs on the paper instead. It won’t be quite as potent though.

Tuck the folded piece of paper under your pillow and in four nights, you should have a dream that points the way to your soulmate. This dream spell may not identify him or her, but may give you an indication of what circumstances leads to you meeting them.


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Conjuring Passion!

Get involved in an important project but have trouble getting really excited about it? Bring some more passion into your attitude with a little magick. You need:

• 4 red candles
• Fresh ginger
• Piece of red thread
• Couple pinches of black pepper

You’ll need a piece of fresh ginger root, not any ground or powdered stuff for this one. Most grocery stores carry it.

Set out the red candles in a triangle shape, with one candle in the middle. Use the thread to tie a thin slice of ginger to the center candle and sprinkle the black pepper on it. Light the outside 3 candles (NOT the middle one). Let them burn for a few minutes then repeat the following:

Surrounded by heat
Surrounded by flame
Draw into me
Draw into me

While you repeat the spell, concentrate on drawing energy from the burning candles into the middle one (which represents you). After several minutes, light the center candle, and then let them all burn out on their own. Pick the bit of ginger out of the wax afterwards, and carry it with you for some energy boosting.


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Witchcraft Glossary

I’ve got a new feature up on the site with a dictionary of Witchcraft terms that might stump you as you work on spells and other studies.

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Money Tea

This is more of a recipe than a spell, but you can make it into a ritual to have a freshly brewed cup of this tea every evening to help bring more money into your life. Or at least on Thursdays, the best day of the week for finances.

  • 1/2 tbs dried basil
  • A pinch of dried dill weed
  • Ground cinnamon

Brew up a cup of tea with the basil and dill, letting it steep for about 10 minutes. Strain out the leafy bits, and then add a light sprinkle of cinnamon. It’s all very edible, but the flavor may not be that delightful. Add a spoon of honey if you wish. It won’t upset the magick at all.

These herbs all bring abundance energy into your body, and you should see some wealth after a few cups.

from: Money Spells that Work